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Synthetic Rope Fittings

Like wire ropes, synthetic ropes are offered in a variety of configurations. However, the similarity quickly ends with the multitude of materials and jackets available for synthetic ropes in today's market. These are fittings for the most common synthetic ropes. Esmet also has designs for terminations that fit ropes not mentioned in this catalog. Esmet is ready to design fittings to meet your particular rope specifications and is just a phone call away.

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Life Line Fittings


Extruded Jacket Kevlar® Rope Fittings


Braided Jacket Kevlar® Rope Fittings


Kernmantle Rope Fittings

Optical Kevlar® "OK" Fittings

Optical Kevlar® "OK" Fittings

For All Dielectric Self-supporting, Free-span, Aerial and Oceanographic Cables.

US Patent
  • #4,509,233
  • #5,308,026
  • #2,141,527
Designed for mid-span applications on all dielectric self-supporting fiber optic cables. Installed loads not to exceed 1000 lb. The fitting is manufactured using non-corrosive materials. The flexible bail is made from 1x19 SS strand.
Electro-Mechanical Cable Fittings

Electro-Mechanical Cable Fittings

ELECTROLINE® fittings have proven to be a superior method of terminating steel, (single, double or triple-armored) conductor core cable. Most ELECTROLINE® wire rope fittings can be modified for E-M cable

Assembly of the termination utilizes the same wedging principle employed by the ELECTROLINE® wire rope terminations. Therefore, assembly is quick and easy, and provides holding strength unsurpassed by other cable terminations.

Cones are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel and passivated for superior corrosion resistance.
Synthetic Rope Fittings Using Wire Rope Terminations

Synthetic Rope Fittings Using Wire Rope Terminations

US Patent #5,136,755

ELECTROLINE® Synthetic Rope Plugs are designed to be used with the Wire Rope Fittings. These plugs are suitable for the following rope materials:


And the following types of rope construction:

Braid (single or double)
Three Strand

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