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ELECTROLINE® - End Fittings and Swivels

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Wire Rope Fittings

Synthetic Rope Fittings

Synthetic Rope Fittings

Like wire ropes, synthetic ropes are offered in a variety of configurations. However, the similarity quickly ends with the multitude of materials and jackets available for synthetic ropes in today's market. These are fittings for the most common synthetic ropes. Esmet also has designs for terminations that fit ropes not mentioned in this catalog. Esmet is ready to design fittings to meet your particular rope specifications and is just a phone call away.



Safe-Line Clamps

The Safe-Line Wire Rope Clamps are ideal for field installations that require quick, easily thimbled rope terminations, with the reliability that wire rope clips cannot provide. Designed only for 6 x 19 IWRC or 7 x 19 right regular-lay wire rope sizes 1/8" thru 3/4", the cadmium plated Safe-Line Clamp assembly includes a two-piece plug and cold-finish bar-steel socket.

The finished assembly provides a neat, clean profile (similar to a swage fitting) with no sharp edges or loose ends to snag. And they hold! The Safe-Line Clamp is rated with an efficiency of over 90% of rated wire rope strength. The clamp meets or exceeds all requirements for Military Standard MS-16843 and conforms to Federal Spec. FFC-450. They are warranted for one ...
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